Children's Music Center
of Jamaica Plain
In-home lesson FAQ's

Question:  Is a lesson shared between 3 students enough time for each child to learn?

Answer:  Group settings can be an extremely positive learning environment for young children (especially children 6 and younger).  All of our instructors are equally comfortable providing group or individual instruction.  The 60-minute shared lesson can be broken up creatively to best serve the children in the group.  For instance, for 3 very young new beginners, you might break up the hour into one 30-minute group lesson, and then break off for 10 minutes of individual instruction.  As kids get more advanced, the individual time can be increased.  


Question:  Are shared lesson times limited to siblings?

Answer:  We offer semi-private lessons for siblings, OR friends who wish to double or triple up in a single home each week.  


Question:  Does the Music Center assign us a family to partner with if we wish to have shared lessons?

Answer:  The Music Center does NOT put students together for shared lessons.  Families must organize this on their own and then contact the Music Center to arrange a lesson time and for registration.


Question:  If we have a shared lesson with friends, does it have to be at the same home each week?

Answer:  This is dependent upon the schedule.  Normally it is easier for teachers to have more consistent arrival times at each home if they are going to the same homes each week and can therefore predict traffic patterns, etc...Please ask us if you would like to alternate homes each week, and we can check if it is possible with the route.  Please note that our ability to alternate homes is always subject to change depending upon shifts in the route.


Question:  Are teachers background checked?

Answer:  All of our teachers are CORI checked.


Question:  Are there recital or performance opportunities available through the Music Center?

Answer:  There are 2 performance opportunities during the year, which all in-home lesson students are welcome to take part in.  The KIDS' COFFEEHOUSE is an informal performance opportunity taking place at the Music Center in January or early February.  We also run a more formal end-of-year RECITAL.


Question:  Will my teacher's arrival time be consistent each week?

Answer:  Once a teacher settles into a schedule, which is usually after 1-2 weeks of driving the route, they will usually fall into a predictable time frame for arrivals.  However, due to unpredictable traffic situations (construction, etc...) we ask for 5-10 minutes of leeway.  


Question:  Will teachers make up lessons if we have to miss a week?

Answer:  Should you be registered for a term length of at least 10 weeks, we guarantee a make-up lesson at the end of the year, should you need to miss a lesson for any reason, and whether or not we are given advance notice of your absence.  Additionally, teachers are often able and willing to reschedule a few lessons for you throughout the year.  We require at least 24 hours cancellation notice in order for teachers to reschedule a lesson. We do ask our students to be as consistent and reliable as possible with attendance, in respect toward our teachers who set aside a specific time for students each week, and may have full schedules of studies and other employment obligations.


Question:  What is your withdrawal policy for in-home lessons?

Answer:  Students can withdraw at anytime from our in-home lesson program. We consider your first four weeks as your trial period.  Students may withdraw from lessons at any point during this time by notifying us no later than 24 hours after completion of your fourth lesson.  In this case we will provide a refund of any unused lesson fees (please note that new-family registration fee is always non-refundable).  For withdrawals beyond week four, we require a 30-day notice.  This is to protect our teachers who have set aside this time and may not be readily able to replace the time with other employment.

We will be adding to our FAQ's shortly.  Don't see your question answered?  Feel free to call or email us!