Children's Music Center
of Jamaica Plain
Music Together® make-ups

We understand that young children experience changes in nap schedules, days that are particularly hard to get out of the house, etc...Therefore, we offer a generous class make-up policy for Music Together® classes, with make-ups easy to schedule using our on-line scheduler.  Make-ups are almost always available throughout the term, especially if you have a flexible schedule.   Please read our make-up policies carefully:

   • Make-ups can be scheduled on our on-line make-up scheduler.  We do not allow drop-ins due to space constraints.

   •  Make-ups must be completed within your current term.

   •  The on-line scheduler will allow you to schedule up to 3 make-ups in a term (Fall/Winter/Spring terms). Once you max out on the scheduler, you will need to email Christy to schedule any additional needed make-ups, and we are happy to accommodate additional makeups when available (they usually are!)  Christy can be reached at

   •  Scheduled make-ups which are not attended are forfeited and will count toward your allotted 3 make-ups on the scheduler.  If you cannot attend a scheduled make-up, please cancel it on the scheduler so we can free up the spot for another family.

   •  We do our best to accommodate as many make-up classes as a family needs, and we can almost always accommodate you!  However, please be aware that if your schedule flexibility is severely limited, we cannot guarantee make-up availability.  


Please contact Christy with any questions you might have. or 617.524.1784