Children's Music Center
of Jamaica Plain
Birthday Party FAQ's

Question: How large of a party can we have in the space?

Answer: Our center comfortably accommodates up to 30 people (adults and kids). This means that parties of up to 12 kids (including birthday child) work well in our space. For parties with more than 12 kids, the number of adults accompanying children should be limited to accommodate our space limit.   

Question: Can we come a bit early to set up?

Answer: We will always have your room set up 30 minutes prior to your start time. You are welcome to come at that time to load in and set up.

Question: Can we stay beyond our scheduled end time?

Answer: We understand that it's virtually impossible to be out the door right on the dot at your end time. We are grateful when families are mindful of their end time, as we often will need to set up for the next party. We will enter the room at your end time and start to tie up trash bags, fold chairs, etc... doing what we can to start cleaning up without being intrusive as your guests exit. Remember that we do all the clean-up, trash removal, etc... so all you need to do is pack up anything you wish to bring home. If the space is available for your party to go late, we charge $75 per additional hour, with payment due on site (we take checks, or there is an ATM downstairs).

Question:  Do staff stay in the room during our party?

Answer:  Staff will stay in the the building and are a moment's notice away, but we prefer to stay out of the way as much as possible  You will be provided with staff member's cell phone number in case you need to reach us any time during the party.  We are available for any help you might need, and will of course return to the room to run any add-on activities.  

Question:  Does the Center have a refrigerator?

Answer:  We do not have any refrigeration available on-site.  If you wish to bring a cooler with ice,  that is fine!  We are happy to dispose of ice and styrofoam coolers after party if you wish to leave them.

Question: If I am having the music and movement activity as part of my party, when is the best time to run that?

Answer: We have found that the following timeline seems to work best. Using a 4-6pm party as an example: 1) 4-4:30pm: Guests enter room. There are drums and instruments on the floor for kids to have free play as they enter the party.  2) 4:30-5pm: Music & Movement activity  3) 5-5:30pm: Food and cake.  4) 5:30-6pm: party winds down and guests depart.

What does the music and movement activity entail?

The most popular activity add-on is the 30-minute Music & Movement activity ($50).  We will use movement props and various rhythm instruments to create a fun-filled 30 minutes of music and movement for party guests, which will be appropriate for your age group.  We welcome song requests if your child has any particular favorites.  If your requests are not well-known children's songs, we can usually download recordings of them to use as a free dance or instrument play-along. 

Ask about our 30 minutes of African Drumming (10 kids max, $100)

Question: Is there local pizza take-out nearby?

Answer: For delicious local pizza, we recommend Captain Nemo pizza, close by in JP (617-971-0100). For timely delivery, it is recommended to call your Captain Nemo pizza order in at the very beginning of the party, as Captain Nemo can take up to one hour for delivery.  Captain Nemo only accepts cash! 

We also have found that Domino's Pizza is easy and offers on-line pre-ordering.

Question:  Does the Music Center provide any paper products, cake serving knife, etc...?

Answer:  We do not provide any paper products or cutlery of any kind.  Please bring all of that with you.

Question: Are there chairs and tables at the center?

Answer: We have about 35 folding chairs in our back room (way more than you will ever need), and you are welcome to use as many as you would like. For tables, we will set up two card tables right next to one another, and put a Happy Birthday themed table cloth on. This is the table for your food set-up. We also have a rectangular children's table (also with a tablecloth), which can seat up to 10 kids. For parties larger than 10 kids, we provide floor tarps for picnic style seating.

Question: Can we bring balloons into the space or do additional decorating?

Answer: Yes, you can bring balloons with you. We do not provide balloons for parties. The decorations we provide are: Happy Birthday tablecloths on the food set-up and kids' tables, and a Happy Birthday wall banner. Any additional decorating you are welcome to do (we have blue painter's tape for use on our walls).

Question:  Can we bring in an outside performer or other children's activity?

Answer: You are welcome to bring in an outside performer or activity (balloon animals, etc..).  We do not allow certain materials to be used in our room, such as paints and certain other art supplies.  Please check with us!

-Don't see your question answered here? Please contact us!