Children's Music Center
of Jamaica Plain
Installment plans

For private lessons, or Dalcroze registrations for 2 or more children, you can choose to pay tuition in monthly installments by setting up an installment plan at the time of your registration.  Please note: for fall registrations, your first installment will not be run before September 1st.

A $150 deposit is charged at registration, and your balance is then charged to your credit card for an additional 3 equal monthly installments for a semester, or 7 additional installments for the whole year (year-long plan available for private lessons only). You must register with an account to be given the option of an installment plan. There is a $10 per semester charge for installment plans, which is prorated into your monthly payments.

*Please note:  Installments are charged between the 1st and 5th of the month, and we will not run your first charge prior to 30 days after your registration.