Class Descriptions

Show classes for:
MT mixed-age

Adults, regardless of musical ability, find it fun to create an environment that supports a child of any age in achieving basic music competence. Children of mixed ages participate by watching/hearing adult modeling of music-making, and eventually singing, moving and playing instruments at their own developmental level. Classes run for 9 weeks in fall winter and spring, 6 weeks in summer.

Babies 0-8 mo.

This is a Music Together® class especially for babies under 9 months. Class activities and flow similar to mixed-age classes, but with fewer standing activities and unique methods for parents and babies. Babies should be under 9 months at start of term to register for these classes.

Musical Theatre, 5-7 yrs

Come join us for an adventure in acting, singing, dancing and artwork.  Popular children's stories are the leaping-off point of our Musical Theatre workshops, and culminate with a fabulous show for our families on the last day.  Classes involve theatre games, story exploration, working off of a custom-written script, simple stage blocking,  learning songs and simple choreography, and creating fun art projects for our sets.  Workshops are offered every fall, winter and spring, and feature a different show each term.

RhythmKids (4-5 yrs)

Rhythm Kids classes by Music Together® is a great next step for kids ages 4-5 years along with their parent or caregiver. 

Tuesdays 3:30pm

Group Keyboard (5-7 yrs)

This group beginner keyboard class is taught in groups of up to 6 students, and is attended along with parent or caregiver.

Birthday Party

2 hours of studio rental, with optional add-on activity.

Single in-studio trial

One lesson at our regular rate of $31.

Annual Recital

Our annual recital for students in our instrumental lesson programs.

Ukulele (5-7 yrs)

Our popular Ukulele group, for slightly older beginners or kids who are continuing from 4-6 year section.

MT summer 6 weeks

6-week Summer '17 term.

MT Training class

A class taught by a teacher in training.  These classes are FREE, and families may register for them.

Intergenerational Music (0-4 yrs)

Our Intergenerational music class, where famlies share their class with seniors at Hebrew Senior Life in Roslindale.

Dalcroze School of Boston Rent

Quarter beginning January 4 (including piano use fee):  $265

Quarter beginning April 28 (including piano use fee):  $155


Total due:  $420

BABIES summer

Babies class during the summer.