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Snowflake Jam

This 3-week "mini-term" will combine popular winter-themed songs with other children's favorites. This is a great way to continue your music classes between Thanksgiving and the Winter holiday break, or to check out our classes if you're new to the center!

MT mixed-age

Adults, regardless of musical ability, find it fun to create an environment that supports a child of any age in achieving basic music competence. Children of mixed ages participate by watching/hearing adult modeling of music-making, and eventually singing, moving and playing instruments at their own developmental level. Classes run for 9 weeks in fall winter and spring, 6 weeks in summer.

Babies 0-8 mo.

This is a Music Together® class especially for babies under 9 months. Class activities and flow similar to mixed-age classes, but with fewer standing activities and unique methods for parents and babies. Babies should be under 9 months at start of term to register for these classes.

In-studio piano/Monday, semester

We offer 30 minute private piano lessons for children ages 4 and older (and adults too!)

Musical Theatre, 5-7 yrs

Come join us for an adventure in acting, singing, dancing and artwork.  Popular children's stories are the leaping-off point of our Musical Theatre workshops, and culminate with a fabulous show for our families on the last day.  Classes involve theatre games, story exploration, working off of a custom-written script, simple stage blocking,  learning songs and simple choreography, and creating fun art projects for our sets.  Workshops are offered every fall, winter and spring, and feature a different show each term.

Young Pianists (4-6 yrs)

This "pre-piano" group class for 4-6 year-olds is similar to Young Musicians, yet with more focus on introducing young children to the basics of the piano. Each class will include activities and games which teach about the layout and range of the piano keyboard, as well as movement, singing and percussion instrument play to allow children to continue their basic music development. Movement activities based upon philosophy and techniques of Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Children will learn to play a few simple rhythmic pieces in duet with teacher.

Group Keyboard I (4.5-7 yrs)

This group beginner keyboard class is taught in groups of up to 6 students, and is attended along with parent or caregiver.

Birthday Party

2 hours of studio rental, with optional add-on activity.

In-studio piano/Sat, semester

Saturday in-studio piano lessons.

Ukulele (4-6 yrs)

This beginning Ukelele class introduces kids to the Ukelele in a setting that is fun and relaxed. Classes involve singing, movement, and rhythmic strumming, which will teach about the Ukelele, while also giving kids the opportunity to continue their basic music development. Kids will learn to sing simple songs while strumming easy chords on the Ukelele, and will learn to play simple melodies using one string.

In-studio piano/Wed, semester

Lessons for the semester

Kids' Coffeehouse

This "coffeehouse" for current instrument students is a great way for kids to perform for others in a setting which is laid-back and relaxed. Coffeehouse takes place on Sunday morning at our studio, and we'll have coffee and hot chocolate for everyone!
Note: Coffeehouse is only open to students currently enrolled in our instrument lessons.

4-week Intro to Piano (5+)

Our 4-week introductory piano class.

3-week Music Menagerie (4-6 yrs)

This 45-minute class, taught by teacher Christy Zarlengo, focuses on Carnival Of The Animals by French composer Camille Saint-Saens. Through animal characters including fish, a kangaroo, tortoise, mule, swan, birds and others, children are engaged in listening for and experiencing such music elements as tempo, dynamics, expression and orchestration. In naming and describing the phenomena they hear in music, not only do young children gain a greater appreciation of music, but they begin to develop the skills of comparing, categorizing, generalizing, and furthering their language skills through artistic expression and understanding. Class will approach this piece through such experiences as listening, instrument play, movement, role play and mask making.  Children will learn to identify the sounds of various instruments in the orchestra.    Maximum class size: 6 students.

3-week mini-terms:  Tuesdays 3:30pm  (November 29, December 6, 13)  or  Thursdays 4:30pm  (December 1, 8, 15)

Tuition (3 weeks): $60 - add $15 registration fee for families new to the center. Sibling receives 10% tuition discount.
Storybook Theatre (4-6 yrs)

This 45-minute class gives our youngest Thespians an opportunity to learn about acting in a fun, process-oriented class.  Classes involve lots of theatre games, movement and interaction,  yet do not focus on putting together a finished product (show) at the end of the term.  A perfect precursor to our Musical Theatre program (5-7 yrs), and for young learners who thrive in a less structured environment.

Dalcroze demo 5-6 yrs

Join us for this FREE Dalcroze Eurythmics class at CMCJP!

Dalcroze Eurhythmics (5-6 yrs)

Dalcroze Eurythmics for 5-6 year-olds.

Dalcroze Demo (6-7 yrs)

Dalcroze Eurhythmics demo 

MT Generations (0-4 yrs)

Our Intergenerational music class, where famlies share their class with seniors.

3-week Class Sampler

A 3-week ampler of our popular Ukulele, Young Pianists and Music Menagerie classes.

Friday 2-week SNOWFLAKE

2-week Snowflake term running on Fridays.

Dalcroze demo 8-9 yrs

Join us for this FREE Dalcroze demo class at CMCJP!

Dalcroze demo 9-10 yrs

Join us for this FREE Dalcroze demo class at CMCJP!

Stumpf private registration

Private registration for Merrin & Teya:

$974.80 balance from Fall plus $1,124.80 for Spring term = $2099.60